Chiquita Baxter

Chiquita Green

I am Chiquita “Game Changer” Baxter, Founder of Girl On Her Game Enterprises. I am a Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Self-Love Coach, and Fitness Apparel Designer. I help women to awaken the inner Champion within themselves and fight for they life they want through fitness and self-love.

I started my fitness and self-discovery journey in 2012 out of desperation. I was tired of being sick and tired of the same old ‘ish. I wanted to be free from the bondage that hindered me from pursuing my dreams due to fear, self-doubt, lack of self-love, body image issues, depression and being a “people pleaser”. I wanted to break free from bondage and transform into a new creature doing thing my way and on my own terms.

I didn’t have one good thing to say about my life or about myself. I was miserable, sad, depressed, lonely, and was having thoughts of suicide. I felt unloved, worthless, and ugly. My mind was always consumed with negative thoughts. One day, while moping about all the things that was going wrong in my life a feeling came over me. It was a feeling that I’ve never felt before. God touched me and spoke to me. I was scared, but I felt sense of relief and peace. It’s unexplainable, but it was refreshing. God had place this scripture on my heart…..

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made-Psalms 139:14.

Since then, I’ve been chiseling away at the chains while creating a voice for myself. I am taking on the world by tapping into the inner champion within me and is creating the life that I want for myself. I realized that before I could truly break free and transform into a better me, I first had to deal with my own ‘ish. I had to stop creating a platform for negativity in my life. Yes, I was victim of domestic violence, a teen age mom at the age of 16, teased because of my weight, and repeatedly told that I ugly, worthless, and would never amount to anything. But at the same time, the inner champion within me awakened and told me the following:

  • I don’t need validation from anyone to prove that I am worth it.
  • I’m perfect in my own imperfect ways. That is what makes me me.
  • Speak over yourself. Encourage yourself.

It was a game changing moment for me. I’m taking my life to another level. I’ve been striving to be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life ever since.