Kim Griffin

Kim Griffin
Kimberly Griffin is a highly sought after health coach, nutritionist, executive leadership speaker & trainer, and author. She is committed to developing leaders of excellence for corporate America while providing hope in the area of health and wellness and adding value to the team.

In addition to working with corporate America, Kim also has a passion for encouraging women around the world. Kim’s SISTER training concept consists of developing women to have the attributes of:

S – Strength
I – Inspiration
S – Self Discipline
T – Tenacity
E – Endurance
R – Relentless

Kim’s believes that it is critical for women to find and create balance and not lose their identities as they tackle the roles of being moms, wives, entrepreneurs, students, caretakers, and employees.

Kim’s vision for her audience as she speaks in corporate settings, conferences, and public venues domestically and internationally is that everyone who hears her voice makes a definitive decision for positive change that will transcend generations. “Let’s be curse breakers and history makers” is one of her favorite quotes.

Kim continues to inspire a multitude of women across various cultures and geographical boundaries as she shares her amazing transparent story of transitioning from a frustrated stay at home mom of 3 who once weighted 204 pounds, to the dynamic speaker, leader, John Maxwell certified leadership teacher and trainer, and fitness competitor.