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Belinda Johnson

Are you ready for a SHIFT to take place in your life? Get ready to gleam from these women who used what appeared to be a weakness as motivational strength to shift their destiny. Hold tight and buckle up because you are about to experience a “Fitness SHIFT”!

Fitness SHIFT is an anthology created of women who made a heart decision to use fitness as a way to shift their destiny.  In the pages of this book, you will find heart-stirring and intimate stories that you or someone you may know can identify with and be strengthen and know that change is possible.  The stories written by these bold, courageous and powerful women who were faced with real-life challenges but successfully moved through them to become woman of great strength that produce CHANGE in their life. Each woman shares the details of a seemingly never ending vicious cycle, unhealthy habit or uncomfortable season in their life and describes how she summoned the strength to overcome it and move beyond the place of being stagnant.  All of the women that are sharing their intimate journey has one common denominator and that is to let you know CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

Reading these inspiring stories, you will discover how you too can: 

  • Live life to the fullest after encountering many challenges physically, mentally or financially
  • Realize that change is possible and your strength to conquer is within 
  • Eliminate excuses that hinders you from moving forward in any area of your life
  • Gracefully move through divorce and thrive after it
  • Create a healthy and fit lifestyle at any age or season of your life 
  • Let go of your past and catapult into your future
  • Not allow your feelings, food or challenges control your destiny 
  • Grab hold of courage and have a successful health & fitness journey